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POWERtalk International - Northeast Region

Short Course

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The POWERtalk Short Course
Training in Effective Speaking

Course Contents

This course includes six modules on the following topics:


Platform Presence - overcoming nervousness; tips on how to dress (image); avoiding common distractions


Body Language & Gestures - mastering facial and body gestures; reading the audience


Vocal Effectiveness - controlling pace, pauses, pitch and projection


Speech Construction - how to design and build a speech


Technical/Visual Aids - using microphones, PowerPoint, overhead slides, etc


Putting it All Together - each person gives a 5 minute speech on a topic of his/her choice.


This course may be presented as 6 2-hour sessions or 3 4-hour sessions.  A condensed 1-day course is also available in some areas.


Each session includes short exercises, some in groups and a few solo. They are meant to be fun, to give you a chance to practice in a supportive atmosphere.

There is no homework except before Module 6, preparing your speech. However, if you pick your topic early - a hobby, your childhood, your job, whatever would interest you and your audience - you can work on it as the classes progress.

Upcoming Courses
Saturday Sept 13 9 AM to 4 PM 
Rochester NY

Northeast Region, POWERtalk International