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POWERtalk International - Northeast Region


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With POWERtalk you learn:

  • to be comfortable leading a discussion, or just making smalltalk at parties
  • to communicate with authority and conviction
  • to present a report
  • to speak before a community group or even organize community functions
  • to understand parliamentary procedure: to plan an agenda or even conduct a meeting
  • to write concise and easy-to-read letters and reports
  • to formally present or accept a gift, or introduce a guest speaker
  • to develop your creative writing skills in poetry, fiction or non-fiction
  • to overcome shyness and convert anxiety into positive energy
  • to develop self-confidence and a strong personal style
  • .... and so much more!

POWERtalk opens wide the door which never closes on opportunity for self-improvement.


Northeast Region, POWERtalk International