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POWERtalk International - Northeast Region


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Two of the biannual activities of all POWERtalk Clubs are the Speech Contest and the Writing Contest.

The 2014 Northeast Region Writing Contest Winners were:

  • Fiction:
    1. Geraldine Lightfoot, North Bay
    2. Ruth Levitsky, Quincy
  • Poetry: 
    1. Aaron Brown, Innovators
    2. Adrienne Payton, Federal Plaza 
  • Non-fiction: 
    1. one entry, disqualified 

In 2011 Sharon Cowan won the Non-Fiction category and went on to win the International competition. Well done!

Both contests are purely voluntary for all members. The winner at each Club advances to the Council competition, then Region, and finally International.

The next Northeast Region Speech Contest will be held at the 2018 conference.

The 2016 Northeast Region Speech Contest Winners was Judy Schuth, New Directions.

In 2015, Aaron Brown represented NER at the international competition in Rotorua, New Zealand and won first place! 

In 2007, NER winner Shelley Petley competed at the international contest in Brisbane Australia, advancing to the final round - top 6 in the world.

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