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POWERtalk International - Northeast Region


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POWERtalk History

POWERtalk was founded in 1938 in San Francisco under the name International Toastmistress Clubs. It started primarily for women, but is now open to both men and women. In 1985 the organization's name was changed to International Training in Communication. In 2003 our international headquarters relocated from Anaheim, California to New Zealand. In July 2007 the decision was made to rebrand the organization as POWERtalk International while officially retaining the ITC name.

"The world grows better because people wish that it should,
and because they take the right steps to make it better."

Ernestine White, Founder

History of Our Region

Northeast Region was founded in 1968 and included clubs in eastern Canada (as far west as Ontario) and the United States (as far west as New York state). In 1978 the region split into Colonial, the seaboard states and provinces, and CANUSA, the central states and provinces.
In August 2000, Colonial and CANUSA Regions consolidated to once again become Northeast Region. In August 2004 the Great Lakes Region (comprised of clubs in Ontario, Michigan and Ohio) merged with Northeast, expanding our western boundary.

Northeast Region, POWERtalk International