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POWERtalk International - Northeast Region


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The objective of POWERtalk training is the development of speech and listening skills that enable members to become better communicators.
This objective is achieved through a three-step program that includes:

Study & Preparation: Basic tools are given to the member at the time of induction. Thoughtful study of each assignment will provide knowledge; thorough preparation will instill confidence.

Practice: Each club/chapter meeting is a setting where members can practice what they have learned in all phases of POWERtalk training.

Evaluation: Evaluation is the feedback technique used to appraise individual & group performance. Listening skills are particularly important. 

Mission Statement
The mission of ITC is to provide global opportunities for self-improvement through progressive quality training in communication and leadership skills.


We, as members of International Training in Communication, hereby pledge to improve our communication and leadership training,
in order to achieve greater understanding throughout the world.
To foster free and open discussion which shall be without bias on all subjects, whether political, social, economic, racial or religious.
To love our language,
and use it with grace and facility.
ITC creates a better world tomorrow
by training communicators and developing leaders today.

Northeast Region, POWERtalk International