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POWERtalk International (North Bay)


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POWERtalk is not a service club in the usual sense of supporting charitable causes. Its funds are used only for the maintenance of its own organization.

If you look upon your POWERtalk membership as an investment for continuing future benefits - and we hope you do - you will want full value. Dues at North Bay are $120 per year for both new and continuing members.


Much of this amount is used to pay per capita dues & assessments to the higher levels of the organization. Dues to International and Region are paid in US funds. In addition, the club pays a flat club fee and a conference fee to Region. 

Dues vary by club, depending on local meeting room charges and what is included in the new member package.
Upon joining you will receive an electronic copy of our Master Manual, which contains information and instructions needed to help you develop all types of communications and leadership skills.
Council and Region newsletters are distributed free of charge.

Membership in POWERtalk is an investment of time, money and effort which yields tremendous personal dividends.

POWERtalk does not cost - it pays.

POWERtalk International (North Bay)