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POWERtalk International (North Bay)

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Fellows of ITC

Certified Speech Contest Judges

Certified POWERtalk Short Course Trainers

To complement our Accreditation Program, two new programs were introduced in 2004-05, and another in 2007-08.
1. Fellows of ITC are first class POWERtalk International Trainers who excel in all forms of communication, interaction, presentation, training and evaluation ability.  To become Fellows they have been graded at 80% or better on a series of rigorous assignments in each of these areas.
Six members of Northeast Region are now Fellows of ITC, including North Bay's own Geraldine Lightfoot and Karen Sherry.

2. Certified speech contest judges are members who have experience in judging contests at POWERtalk and other organizations. As the final step in their certification, they were required to judge an international competition and were then assessed on their results.  There are currently two Certified Judges in Northeast Region, in Ontario and New Brunswick Canada.

3. Certified POWERtalk Short Course trainers are experienced members who have been trained specifically to teach the 12-hour POWERtalk short course introduced in the fall of 2007.

Robin Craig, Marie Robbins and Karen Sherry from North Bay are certified trainers.

For more information on these programs or to contact any of these specialists, see the Contacts tab.

POWERtalk International (North Bay)