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POWERtalk International (North Bay)


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Two of the annual activities of all POWERtalk Clubs are the Speech Contest and the Writing Contest. These are purely voluntary for all members. The winner at each Club advances to the Council competition, then Region, and finally International.

North Bay members frequently excel in these contests.

In 2014 Geraldine (Gerry) Lightfoot won the Northeast Region Writing Contest for fiction, then placed second at the International level.

In 2010 Gerry Lightfoot won the Northeast Region Speech Contest. In 2009 member Malcolm Park won the contest.

2010 Winner Gerry Lightfoot

In 2010 Gerry placed won in ficton in both the Region and International writing contests.

In 2007 Gerry placed third in ficton in the Inter-national  writing contest; in 2005 she placed first in fiction and second in poetry at the Region Writing Contest.

In 1999 Karen Sherry placed second in non-fiction in the International writing contest.

Other Events

POWERtalk also holds contests from time to time which encourage other forms of creativity, such as:
  • an international slogan contest in 1999
  • an international poster contest in 2001
  • a competition to define ITC's new "FACE" acronym; in 2004; the winning entry was "Face All Challenges Effectively - Join ITC!"
If writing is your interest, you will have ample opportunity to practice as you submit articles to our Council or Region newsletters or even to our international website.

POWERtalk International (North Bay)