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POWERtalk International (North Bay)


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Our Byline
Coaching in effective speaking.
Mission Statement
Our mission is to provide global opportunities for self-improvement through progressive quality training in communication and leadership skills.
To foster free and open discussion which shall be without bias on all subjects, whether political, social, economic, racial or religious.
To love our language,
and use it with grace and facility.
The world grows better because people wish that it should, and because they take the right steps to make it better.
Ernestine White, Founder

History of POWERtalk and our Club

POWERtalk was founded in 1938 in San Francisco under the name International Toastmistress Clubs. It started primarily for women, but is now open to both men and women. In 1985 the organization's name was changed to International Training in Communication. In 2003 our international headquarters relocated from Anaheim, California to New Zealand. In July 2007 the decision was made to rebrand the organization as POWERtalk International while officially retaining the ITC name.


POWERtalk welcomes all interested individuals without regard to age, race, religion, citizenship or national origin.

POWERtalk International (North Bay) was chartered in March 1975 under the name North Bay Communicators, and its membership has been active ever since. The club welcomes accountants, government employees, pharmacists, doctors, nurses, real estate brokers, teachers, housewives, students, retirees... basically anyone with a desire for self-improvement.  The club name was changed in August 2007.

POWERtalk International (North Bay)