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Two of the annual activities of all POWERtalk Chapters are the Speech Contest and the Writing Contest. These are purely voluntary for all members. The winner at each Chapter advances to the Council competition, then Region, and finally International.

In 1996 Fredericton member Shelley Petley placed second in the non-fiction category of the International Writing Contest. She accepted her award at the annual convention in Glasgow, Scotland.


In 1998 Fredericton's Bob Bruce represented Colonial Region at the International Speech Contest in Minneapolis.


In 2002 Shelley Petley placed 3rd at the Northeast Region Speech Contest in Niagara Falls.


In 2004 Shelley Petley won the non-fiction category of the Northeast Region Writing Contest in Boston.


In 2006 Bill Petley represented Council 1 at the Northeast Region Speech Contest in Newark.


In 2007 Shelley Petley won the Northeast Region Speech Contest and was one of six finalists at the international competition in Brisbane, Australia.


In 2011 Sharon Cowan won both the Region and International Writing Contests for non-fiction.

In 2015 Shelley Petley placed 2nd in the International Writing Contest for non-fiction.

Other Events

POWERtalk also holds contests from time to time which encourage other forms of creativity, such as:
In 1999 Shelley Petley was one of 12 finalists [out of over 550 contestants] in an international slogan contest.
In 2001 she was one of 26 contestants in an ITC poster contest.
In 2004 she won a competition to define ITC’s new “FACE” acronym; her winning entry was “Face All Challenges Effectively – Join ITC!
In 2007 Shelley was selected as co-winner of the Northeast Region Member of the Year award.
In 2010 Shelley was one of the two first members installed in the Northeast Region Bright Ideas Club.


If writing is your interest, you will have ample opportunity to practice as you submit articles to our Region newsletter or even to our international website.

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