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Fredericton POWERtalkers

Serving the Community

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Are you looking for guest speakers for your community organization? Perhaps we can help you! The Fredericton POWERtalkers offer training presentations in areas such as:
  • Public Speaking: This is one of our specialties. Learn how to prepare and present a speech, demonstration, or seminar. We offer a 1.5 hour workshop on "Effective Presentations" (aka "Speaking Without Fear") complete with a computerized slide show, which is very popular. We also offer a 12-hour "POWERtalk Short Course" - see the Short Course tab for details.  v                    .      .      .      .      .                                   .                
  • Networking: Want to learn the dos and don'ts of social and professional networking? Then "How to Work a Room" is for you! Learn how to prepare your presence, how to start, carry on, and end conversations, how to use your business cards, and much more.       v                                            . 
  • Volunteer Management: "Team Building: The Care and Feeding of Volunteers" has been used by Block Parents, ARMA, the NB Farm Women's Association and Search & Rescue, among others, to prepare their leaders.   v                                                         .           .          .
  • Parliamentary Procedure: Looking for an up-beat training program on what many view to be a boring subject? Our "Running an Effective Meeting" workshops are guaranteed to be fun as well as educational. Groups such as the Kidney Foundation and the Diabetes Association have used these workshops to train their boards to work more efficiently.

We also have members who are qualified to serve as speech contest judges. (See the Certification tab.)

Because we, as a non-profit group, recognize that not everyone can afford big-budget training, we offer top-notch presentations such as these at reasonable rates. We have also served as judges for speaking competitions, pageants and the like. For further information, or to inquire on training on other areas of communication and leadership, contact Shelley Petley, DC at the link below.

Fredericton POWERtalkers