POWERtalk International (North Bay)

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POWERtalk International is a non-profit, international, educational organization dedicated to the development of the total person.


POWERtalk is the brand name of International Training in Communication (ITC). See the Background link for more details.


Willingness to share knowledge and experience is a trademark of the POWERtalk program.


Club Officers 2014-15
President: Candace Tunney,PC
First VP: Karen Sherry, SC,
                   Fellow of ITC
Second VP: Doreen Primeau, EC
Secretary: Enid Bastien, SC
Treasurer: Rose Savage, EC
Parliamentarian: Enid Bastien, SC
CLO: Geraldine Lightfoot, DC,
                   Fellow of ITC

Last Update: 20-Apr-2015


Clubs are formed for the purpose of providing educational programs
designed for member self-improvement in both communication and leadership skills.
POWERtalk International (North Bay) is located in North Bay, Ontario, Canada.
It is a club-at-large in Northeast Region.

North Bay 2011
Our 2011-12 members

Front row L to R: Robin Craig, Geraldine Lightfoot, Karen Sherry


Back row L to R: Enid Bastien, Shelley Loponen, Candace Tunney, Marie Robbins, Sue Nicholson, Cathy Hogan

POWERtalk International (North Bay)